Welcome to our workshop, a meeting place for string players in Lausanne and the surrounding area.

Slide REPAIR Maybe you own a violin, a viola, a cello or a bow that has suffered some damage ? Do not hesitate to bring it to our workshop. Without any charge or obligation we will make estimate of what it will cost to repair it, and also let you know whether we think the work is worthwhile. Bringing damaged instruments back to life is one of our main activities. This may involve the repair of a simple crack, but it may also mean months of painstaking work to restore a valuable instrument to its former glory.

Slide RENTALS music lessons. Choosing the right size and type of instrument When the schools start at the end of the summer we get to know a lot of children who are getting ready to take their first for a beginner is very important, and we are very happy to work closely with the music teachers so as to meet their needs. We have some small instruments of exceptional quality available for children whose skills are already advanced.

Slide SOUND ADJUSTMENT Do you feel that your instrument is not sounding like you think it should ? This is a frequent problem, and one we can help solve by involving you closely in pinpointing what the problems are and then tuning the instrument to give its best possible performance.

Slide WE SELL, BUY AND APPRAISE We sell violins, violas, cellos and bows within a wide price range, allowing us to meet your needs whether you are novice or a highly accomplished musician. New or centuries old, their origins are multiple : France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, only to mention the most common. Before putting one up for sale we therefore carefully overhaul and tune it to bring out the best sound it can deliver. To help you choose the right instrument, we have a separate sound-proof room allowing you to play without being disturbed We also regularly buy instruments and put them up for sale on commission in our workshop. Appraisal is also part of our services, whether to determine the insurance value of your instruments and bows or simply to let you know what they are worth.

Slide INNOVATION Eco-composite fingerboards Corène™ Discover Corène ! Innovation and precision at the service of modern violin making

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